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  1. are you still doing weekly food specials shown on your other website?

    8/2 – Sunday – Roast Beef Sandwich w/Curly Fries $5.50
    8/3 – Monday – Grilled Cheese w/Fries $4.50
    8/4 – Tuesday – 12 Wings $6.99
    8/5 – Wednesday – Spaghetti w/Garlic Cheese Bread $6.00
    8/6 – Thursday – Beef and Cheddar w/Curly Fries $5.50
    8/7 – Friday – Small Pizza w/Sm Drink $4.50
    8/8 – Saturday – $10 Pizza and Bowling 5pm-9pm

  2. yes and no….we do have a daily special each day but not what is on the other site. (that site should be gone) Please call or stop in and ask what the special is for the day.

  3. Waited an hour for an order of nachos. And all 3 of us thought it tasted like complete crap. Rude employees. Won’t be coming back!

  4. The food is horrible and the service is 10x worse. Took forever for our food to come out and workers weren’t seen for about an hour. Don’t bother asking for silverware when they don’t bring it to you because they’ll be rude about it. Not to mention that the bathrooms look like they’ve never seen a cleaning product since they were built.

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